XCMG Original Manufacturer Motor Grader 180HP Road Grader Gr180 for Sale

XCMG Original Manufacturer Motor Grader 180HP Road Grader Gr180 for Sale

Product Description

CZPT CZPT producer motor grader 180hp road grader gr180 for sale


The motor grader is mostly employed for ground leveling, ditching, slope scraping, bulldozing, scarification, snow removing for massive places this kind of as highway, airports, farmlands and so on. It is the needed development equipment for nationwide protection building, mine construction, city and rural highway construction and h2o conservancy development, farmland enhancement and so on.



[Rewards and Highlights]


1. CZPT Cummins Engine, ZF CZPT Gearbox, and CZPT CZPT Axle make the drive program energy matching more affordable and reliable. 2. Double-circuit hydraulic brake technique makes the brake a lot more dependable and steady. three. Steering to the load sensing program, the main hydraulic factors adopt intercontinental assist to ensure the steadiness and trustworthiness of the technique. four. Use CZPT unique improved perform devices. five. The blade entire body adopts adjustable big chute and double slide system, and the operating blade adopts higher-toughness and wear-resistant substance. 6.Different options broaden the machine’s performance and working assortment.

Product Paramenters

Merchandise GR180
Fundamental parameters Motor model 6CTA8.three-C190-
Rated electricity/pace 142kW/2200rpm
Overall dimension (CZPT) 8900x2625x3420
Complete weight (CZPT) 15400 kg
Tire specification seventeen.five-25
Ground clearance (entrance axle) 430mm
Tread 2156mm
Room of front and rear axles 6219 mm
Space of center and rear wheels 1538 mm
Performance parameters CZPT velocity five 8 11 19 23 38km/h
Reverse speed five eleven 23km/h
Tractive hard work f=.seventy five ≥79 kN
Highest gradeability ≥25%
Tire inflation stress 260kPa
Working system pressure 18MPa
Transmission strain 1.3-one.8Mpa
Operating parameters Highest steering angle of front wheel ±50°
Optimum slant angle of front wheel ±17°
Maximum oscillating angle of front axle ±15°
Optimum oscillating angle of equilibrium box ±15°
Greatest steering angle of frame ±27°
Minimal turning radius seven.3m
Scrape knife Optimum lift top 450mm
Highest cutting depth 500mm
Greatest tilt angle 90°
Reducing angle 28°-70°
Angle of revolution 360°
Length & chord top 3965x610mm
Oil filling sum Coolant 50L
Gas tank 280L
Engine 24L
Transmission 38L
Balancing box 46L
CZPT axle 28L

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XCMG Original Manufacturer Motor Grader 180HP Road Grader Gr180 for Sale